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Rock will never dies.

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This application male and female greatest rock singer albums and songs Features: Rock Music in High Quality. Enjoy free Rocks. Enjoy oldies from the 60s 70s 80s 90s 00s. Music Hits, themes and classic songs.

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Old Hindi Songs is an app designed for all old Hindi songs and well categorized by singers and movies you can find all famous singers Play the best vintage music and pop oldies songs from the 70s 80s and 90s Music.

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70s music blogspot

Downloads: 6,Dedicate to heavy sound from late 60's and 70's Thanks for all coments, people! Altamente recomendado! Strondous hard rock with lot of good guitars, heavy drums and good vocals, sounded like Mountain, Dust and Deep Purple. Highly recommended. American quartet of lead vocals and bassist Atley Yager.

Heavy blues-rock with strong vocals e furious guitar work.

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Marcadores:Atlee - Flying Ahead Obscure Hendrix-tribute by unknowed band called "Stoned Wings". Great interpretations of "Fire" and "Hey Joe" and good compositions in hendrix-style with a lot of fuzz. Second album from the band with the vocalista Rune OStdahl replacing Gudny and where their have their first loss.

Even following the same tendence, it doesn't repeat the same brilhantism from your predecessor, sounding more mainstream and less inspired. Marcadores:Ruphus - Ranshart Norwegian hard progressive outfit from Oslo, formed inacclaimed as one of the most important rock bands from norwegian scene together with Aunt Mary, Titanic, Popol Vuh and Ace.

They follow a hard progressive rock line a la Focus and Uriah Heep until the album "Ranshart"including some black music elements with the album "Let your Light Shine"with a sound that remember very much the germans from Atlantis.

In the late 70's, they release two more albums, "Hot Rythms and High Notes" and "Man Made"until their dissolution inwhere they made their last show in Germany. Marcadores:Ruphus - New Born Day Marcadores:Murasaki - Impact Insigning with Japanese Records label, they release "Starhip" a. But the band starts to gain popularity with the album "Impact", released inreaching the status of the best rock and roll band of the country.

Also remembering that their two first albums reached a record sale that never ever reached by any other japanese band until today. Marcadores:Murasaki - Starship A partir de mudaram de direcionamento musical, seguindo uma linha mais de country e soft-rock. Power-trio from New Zeland.

70s music blogspot

Strong acid heavy rock with some little funk-soul grooves and psychedelics moments. Marcadores:The Human Instinct - Pins in it Heavy distorced rock with latin touches. Registers from studio and on stage, at a Experimental Theatre in Guadalajara, Quanto a sonoridade, mesmo misturando psicodelia com hard rock, o Gedo possui uma sonoridade bem agressiva e direta, muitas vezes lembrando punk rock.

As well as MC5, Gedo's songs had a kind of a political background, where they nailed against the capitalist system and followed some ideals from american hippies movements.

Althought they mix psychedelic elements with a raw hard rock, they sound a little bit punk, with a agressive and direct sound. Marcadores:Gedo - Gedo Heavy psychedelic rock from US.Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Miracles happened Sounds of the 70s original Accuphase vinyl ripping machine. Join Sounds of the 70s on Soundcloud.


Subscribe to the 70s Posts Atom. All Comments Atom. All Comments. My funky friends from the 70's most reliable out-of-print music blogs, with descent mp3 bitrates 7 Oregons 2 tomates big jazz blog a monsieur Willy world funk, disco, afrofunk Abracadabra LPs do Brasil Brasil various Akashaman psychedelic, soul All soul and funk not only vintage though All that jazz cool jazz, acid jazz, jazz funk American athlete great disco re-edits AOR disco classic adult oriented rock super nice!

AOR disco classic adult oriented rock super nice! Baby Grand Pa jazz funk, jazz Bigger splash various, jazz, library Blacula's firebombs funk, soul blaxploitation pride blaxploitation, soundtracks Blog sport soul various funk soul blog-o-blog various soul, funk blues town good old blues boogie banger funk, soul, kbps single tracks only Boogie Banger good disco tracks bramble jelly music disco, tracks only, kpbs Brut de groove library Buns O'plenty funk, soul Caesar tjalbo soul, jazz Call it anything mostly jazz Can't explain various pop, soul Charlie palooza spanish funky blog chocoreve various, library etc.

Grooves of delight library, soundtracks, low bitrate though Vinyl 4 giants various Voodoofunk afrofunk Waxfiend various Whats in my ipod various Will for all funk, soul, hip hop World jazz fusion nice. Categories of the 70's funk 54 Disco 51 brazil funk 29 soul 29 jazz funk 21 brazil soul 13 latin 10 latin funk 8 brazil samba 7 Soft Rock 6 Soul Jazz 5 boogaloo 5 brazil bossa 4 jazz 4 latin soul 4 politics 4 afro 3 boogie 3 brazil psychedelic 3 rock 3 Latin disco 2 brazil rock 2 library 2 reggae 2 samba 2 Angola 1 Bollywood 1 Brazil electro 1 Euro disco 1 Original soundtrack OST 1 Spanish funk 1 brazil batucada 1 folk 1 forro 1 gospel 1 hip hop 1 latin rock 1 lounge 1 soull disco 1 tropicalia 1 video 1.

Time of the 70's Europe. Contribute to the 70's send your music file and contribute to the blog.The files on this site are NOT for commercial use. You are invited to download the music and, if you like it, you are strongly encouraged to buy the CD. That way you support the artists who produce it.

In any case you should see these selections as for evaluation purpose only and you're asked to delete the music 24 hours after storing it in your computer or external device. Should anybody holding a copyright claim to any of these materials object to their presence here, please post a comment, and I will promptly remove the download link. I am back again. The best music of the 50s and the 60s is waiting right there for you, with some juicy stories, too.

I hope you enjoy it! Publicado por Noelia Almenara en 1 comentario:. I would like to say farewell with a final post I am sure you are going to love, since this record is an extremely rare collector's item An outstanding vocalist with a rich lower voice, the ravishingly beautiful Vivian Reed, a. Bubblin' Brown Sugar," never made the splash in the record industry that she did as a Broadway actress. She began recording in the '60s and enjoyed her highest charting single with a fantastic rendition of 'Yours Until Tomorrow,' in on Epic Records.

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Hot on its heels she released her debut Lp, simply titled Vivian Reed. They all sold poorly, and the single releases didn't shake em' up either. Other than her debut on Epic, and her United Artists' albums, the first produced by Jeff Lane, Vivian's recordings were MOR affairs that had little chance with contemporary audiences. She has appeared in the top night clubs all over the world; an avid church goer, Vivian is attempting to revitalize her dormant recording career in the gospel field.

Gracias mil Maxi!! Publicado por Noelia Almenara en 49 comentarios:. After a run of almost one year and posts, it is time for me to say farewell to Supersoulsisters. Yes, I know you don't like this, but unfortunately my collection of Soul Sisters records has its limitations and I am running out of goodies to post. Most of what I got left has been already posted in other blogs, so there is no point in doing it again.

Besides, I don't have much time lately, due to some changes in my life, and doing this blog all by myself is starting to be a little bit too much for me.

So from now on, everything I post will be on my Soulful Divas blog, which, as you might already know, is more varied in style and I update weekly.Monday, May 25, Aura - The Aura You Got Something Clap Your Hands First Taste Of Love It's A Feeling Gonna Make It Sativa Mess Up Your Mind Don't You Worry Trying To Hold It Down Skyrocket Bonus Tracks: Catch A Falling Star Evil That Brings You Down It's A Feeling Early Version.

By Soulfunk 80's at May 25, No comments:. A Little Bit Salty Standing In The Safety Zone One More Chance On Love I Could Never Be Satisfied Something For My Head A Change Is Gonna Come We've Only Just Begun.

By Soulfunk 80's at February 21, No comments:. Red Hot Mamma Alice In My Fantasies I'll Stay Sexy Ways Vital Juices By Soulfunk 80's at February 19, No comments:. I'll Be Comin' Back The Boogie Man Love Is Magic Instrumental One For The Road.In late springDennis Wilson of The Beach Boys was driving through Malibu when he noticed two female hitchhikers.

He picked them up and dropped them off at their destination. Later, Wilson noticed the same two girls hitchhiking again. He told the girls about The Beach Boys recent involvement with the Maharishi and they, in turn, told him about their own guru, a guy named Charlie. Unaware of what evil Manson was capable of, Dennis was initially fascinated by Manson and his followers, referring to Manson as "the Wizard" in a Rave magazine article.

Wilson and Manson briefly became friends and, over the next few months, members of the Manson Family mostly women who were treated as servants were housed at Wilson's household, costing Wilson a small fortune to maintain. In lateWilson told Record Mirror magazine that when he met Manson, he found that he had great musical ideas and that they were now writing together. Dennis also introduced Manson to a few friends in the music business, including The Byrds ' producer Terry Melcherwhose home at Cielo Drive would later be rented by director Roman Polanski and his wife, actress Sharon Tatewhere less than a year later, Manson family members would murder Tate and several others.

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In SeptemberDennis Wilson reworked and The Beach Boys recorded a Manson song, heard below, which was originally titled " Cease to Exist " that you can read more about and listen to here. The song was credited solely to Dennis Wilson. Angered by this, Manson threatened Wilson to murder him and his children.

According to one of The Beach Boys collaborators, Van Dyke ParksWilson supposedly responded by grabbing Manson by the head, throwing him to the ground, and pummeling him. Wilson then attempted to cut ties with Manson by moving out of his own home, but allowing Manson and his followers to remain. That November, Manson was apprehended and later convicted for numerous counts of murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Some attribute Dennis Wilson's subsequent spiral of self-destructive behavior to the guilt he felt for ever having introduced Manson to the Hollywood music scene.

70s music blogspot

Might not work on mobile devices. Email This BlogThis! Charles Manson - Cease to Exist Charles Manson November 12, — November 19, was an infamous American cult leader, murderer, and the mastermind of the Tate-LaBianca murderswhich notably resulted in the death of actress Sharon Tate who was eight and a half months pregnant at the time.

Prior to his national infamy, Manson was an unemployed ex-convict who had spent more than half of his life in correctional institutions.Pages Home Wednesday, December 26, Rewind -- December 27, Here is the 52nd and final installment in the Rewind series that modernizes the entries from the first year of this blog. Since beginning my reviews in Augustthis is the first time I've done two consecutive weeks in a row, but the fact that Billboard stopped featuring a survey for the last week of the year after cut the number of available years for me to choose from by half.

Of nine new singles entering the Hot for the last week ofall but one would eventually make the Top From those eight songs, two would be Top 10 hits and one would reach 1. Interestingly, the first song in last week's review was by Paul Simon, while this week's list begins with his former partner.

Best Of Ghetto Disco / Soul Funk 70s / 7 \u0026 12 inch (Tracklist)

In several previous posts, I've added links to past Billboard editions for the week in review. Unfortunately, this week's issue isn't in the archive at Google Books. Labels: Rewind. Wednesday, December 19, Rewind -- December 20, Here's another post from this blog's first year, with the videos added and refreshed for the current format.

This is a project that has been running for all of This week's Billboard Hot chart saw nine new songs listed. Among the artists were four singers who had previously been in other acts, a band that saw many of its members have solo hits, a future Canadian political hopeful and the biggest country singer of the s.

Four of the songs made the Top 40, three made it high into the Top 10 and one was a 1 hit. In recent weeks I've linked to a digital copy of the Billboard magazine from the week I was reviewing; however, Google Books is missing this issue in its achive.

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